What you should know. If you’re using molds you won’t ever achieve anything on par with KD besides the shape of a perfect cube. Also assuming even if you’re not at home and work at a bar, I’m pretty sure you’re not going to convince your bar manager to invest in a Clinebell CB-300 that will make you two 300lb blocks of ice every few days. So what I learned from this experiment: Directional Freezing works. The bottom layer was all air and impurities since my block froze from the top down in the insulated cooler. That being said change your approach and expectations. Imagine a cube that comes from a square mold. There are imperfections, but also crystal clear areas as well. So what if that cube was 20x as large and you could cut away the impurities, and air pockets? Leaving you with extremely large pieces of crystal clear ice to create whatever shapes you want? Imagine you’re the butcher… You gotta trim the fat (frozen water) to get that perfect cut. (I mean right? I’ve been “vegan” for 8 years, but saying “It’s like when you trim the Broccoli florets from the stalk ya know?” didn’t really seem relatable to most anyone.) .